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Print on Demand SamplesUpdated 5 months ago

We understand the hesitation when considering custom-printed fabric for your next project. Regardless if you're using one of our licensed patterns, designing your own, or using something you purchased online, it is a big financial commitment. 

To help ease your fears, we find it crucial to take the time to order Print on Demand (POD) fabric samples before committing to a large yardage. This simple step can save you from potential disappointments and ensure that the fabric and print meet your expectations.

Here are some of the benefits of ordering samples first: 

  • Visual Accuracy: Computer screens and printed images can sometimes be deceptive. Ordering fabric samples allows you to see the actual colors, and scale up close. This ensures that what you envision matches the reality of the fabric, helping you make an informed decision.

  • Quality Assessment: Touch and feel are essential aspects of fabric selection. POD samples allow you to assess the quality of the material, color penetration, weight, and its overall texture. This tactile experience is invaluable in determining whether the fabric aligns with your project's requirements.

  • Color Matching: If your project involves coordinating fabrics or matching with existing items, ordering samples is essential for accurate color matching. Lighting conditions can affect the perceived color, so having physical samples on hand ensures a precise match.

Here is a quick side-by-side comparison of what you'll see on screen vs what you'll receive. Here, we're using the pattern "Waka Waka Waka" from the Design Tool - 

Design Tool PreviewDesign Tool Preview

Printed SamplePrinted Sample

Please keep in mind that POD Samples will not typically offer a full repeat of the pattern. This isn't an issue with our licensed patterns, as they've all been checked for repeat errors. However, with patterns you've designed or purchased elsewhere on the internet, it's also important to verify that the pattern is seamless. For this, we do recommend ordering a full yard (or more, depending on the size of the print) to verify the pattern is seamless before ordering wholesale/bulk yardage. 

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