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The Importance of DWR Treatment

Some key benefits of DWR treatments on synthetic materials include:. We are moving most of our product lines to PFC Free DWR treatments, please be sure to check the product description and specs for more information.

Dyneema Composite Fabrics : Bulk orders and Full Rolls

Due to a manufacturing change directly from the supplier (DSM Dyneema), wholesale/full roll orders of Dyneema Composite Fabrics will now come as an MOQ order with a minimum roll size of 9.8 yards. This is because a part of the manufacturing process i

How Wide Are Your Materials?

The width of every fabric we carry is listed on the respective product page. Simply click on " Specs" and find the width under "Product Details" chart.

NoSeeUm Mesh Hole Count/Size

Since the mesh does have some stretch, we are unable to offer the exact sizing of the holes. On average, our noseeum mesh is designed to feature 1054 Holes per square inch (*based on 0.9 oz and 0.67 oz variants), and will keep out all of the smallest

Hammock Fabric Comparison Chart

Please use the following charts to estimate hammock weight limits. Please keep in mind:  This assumes a gathered end style hammock.  These figures are to be used as a rough guide only.Variations in build techniques, hang angles, and suspension method