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Did I receive the double-sided Dyneema tape? It appears to be one sided.Updated a year ago

This is a very common question we receive so you're not alone. Most likely you received the correct tape but this tape can be tricky. So, here are some quick steps to help you better understand and apply the product correctly. 

  1. Peel back the shiny layer. This is the tape. The thicker paper side is waste.
  2. Apply the shiny layer sticky side down to DCF.
  3. One side of the tape is now attached.
  4. Peel the remaining shiny piece. Start in the corner to work up a small piece of the paper and start peeling it back. The tape is not the paper but rather the almost invisible adhesive left behind.. 
  5. Fold DCF over onto double-sided tape and complete. You did it. 
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