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OutdoorINK Color fastnessUpdated 5 months ago

The OutdoorINK print process uses dye sublimation. This is the same process used to create many sports jerseys and printed clothing such as hoodies and swimwear, lanyards, etc. 

While the UV resistance and light fastness of dye sublimated fabrics is good, it is not the best process if the intended application requires high UV/sun exposure. For example, pigment and acid dye printing will offer better colorfastness, sometimes as much as 5X that of corresponding materials printed with dye sublimation. 

The reason for this is is mainly based in the chemistry behind the inks used in each respective process. Keep in mind that light fastness will also be a function of the colors used. 

In contrast, dye sublimation offers excellent color brilliance and wash, sweat, and abrasion fastness. If the application only requires intermittent UV exposure, good color fastness can be expected of dye sublimated goods. 

See below for a data chart on several properties for the exact ink used in our OutdoorINK print process:


As you can see, Black and Yellow tones are better on light fastness than Cyan and Magenta. 

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