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Help Center articles related to printing. Custom Design, Uploads, and Stock Patterns.

Using the Design Tool for Custom Uploads

You can use our Design Tool to upload your own photos or artwork for printing on a variety of materials. There are a few file requirements to know first:. Important - If you can see a white line at the repeat in the Design Tool, it will be visible on

Using the Design Tool for Stock Patterns

While we strive to offer the best Design Tool we can, due to the sizes of some of the prints, there can be some unintuitive problems that may arise.  Unfortunately, these problems can't be overcome without making the tool painfully slow for most user

Using the OutdoorINK Color Map for Designing

COLOR MAPS. Our Color Maps, Omnicolor Solids and OutdoorINK print systems are optimized for RGB printing with the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Color Profile. Your artwork will be converted to that color space and profile for printing. Please note, while you can

RTS Printed Materials

As we bring on more licensed prints, we've made the call to move away from Ready to Ship materials in favor of Print on Demand.  This is mainly due to storing a large inventory of licensed prints on multiple materials takes up a lot of space and resu

Custom Print Upload Terms

By uploading artwork to our Print on Demand Tool you represent and warrant that:. You have the lawful right to reproduce and distribute this artwork;. The artwork does not violate any copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property

OutdoorINK Color fastness

The OutdoorINK print process uses dye sublimation. This is the same process used to create many sports jerseys and printed clothing such as hoodies and swimwear, lanyards, etc. While the UV resistance and light fastness of dye sublimated fabrics is g

OutdoorINK Fabric Specs and Details

We currently offer 32 different fabrics that have been specifically curated to work with our digital printing process. Since there are so many to choose from, we thought it would be a good idea to give an overview of all the current printed fabric of

White Lines at Pattern Repeats.

**Please note - Lines were intentionally added to this pattern to create this article. Purchasing this pattern (My Favorite Shirt), or any other licensed pattern through the Design Tool will result in a print that does not have repeat errors. When pr