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Temporary Holds on FundsUpdated a year ago

A temporary hold or pending charge, is a common practice used by many card processors and websites during the checkout process. 

Here's how a temporary hold works when checking out on a website: 

  1. A customer chooses items and adds them to their cart.
  2. During checkout, they enter their card information.
  3. The website asks the bank to hold money for the purchase.
  4. The bank approves or denies the hold. Common reasons for denial include Incorrect addresses, fraud alerts, or insufficient funds. *
  5. If approved, the website confirms the order. **
  6. When the order is ready, the hold becomes an actual charge.
  7. The hold is released, and the charge appears on the customer's statement. If the order isn't completed or is canceled, the hold is released, and the money is available again, typically within 3-5 business days. Unfortunately, RBTR cannot speed up the release of those funds. 

* Unfortunately, if an order is denied, we're unable to "fix" it.  The customer would need to contact their bank or credit card issuer. 
** You will see an order confirmation screen like this: 

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