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Ordering FAQ

Order Problems

If after receiving your order you feel there's any issue, our team is more than happy to assist. As a first step, please submit a help ticket with the following information:. 1. Name and Order #. 2. Brief description of the issue (e.g. material short

Ounces/Sq Yard to Grams/Sq Meter Conversion

All of our weights are listed in Ounces per square yard.  To convert to GSM, please use this calculator:

How to Add a Note

On the cart page, you'll find a small box to the right titled "Order Notes". If you're looking to add a note to your order, simply click inside the box and type it in. Your note will then be seen by our team during order fulfillment and handled appro

Temporary Holds on Funds

A temporary hold or pending charge, is a common practice used by many card processors and websites during the checkout process. Here's how a temporary hold works when checking out on a website:. * Unfortunately, if an order is denied, we're unable to

How to Whitelist an email address.

First, open your email client or log into your email provider's website. Look for the 'Settings' or 'Options' feature, usually found in the top-right corner or within a menu bar. Once you're in the settings, look for 'Spam Filters' or 'Junk Email Set

What is "Cut and Folded"?

By default, all fabrics/materials are cut and folded similar to how you would fold a blanket. We do leave one edge free to make it easy to piece out smaller cuts from larger cuts (i.e. take 4 yds at a time off a 20 yd cut of fabric). Shown below is a

Certificates of Conformance

Unless already posted on a given product page, we are unable to supply certificates of conformance at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.