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Using the Design Tool for Custom UploadsUpdated 8 months ago

You can use our Design Tool to upload your own photos or artwork for printing on a variety of materials. 

There are a few file requirements to know first: 

  • At this time, only JPG, BMP, and PNG images are compatible with the system. 
  • The max file size the system will accept is ~60 MB. 
  • We recommend a minimum of 150 DPI 
  • The RGB color space is recommended. 
  • If using the RGB Color Map for Design, you MUST use the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Color Profile to ensure colors match. 
  • Please see this page for information on OutdoorINK fabrics, including widths. 
  • If exporting from a vector program, ensure AntiAliasing is enabled during export, if applicable. 
  • Be sure to check your artwork for errant lines at the repeat. You can do this using the Offset tool in Adobe, the Live Pattern Preview function in Designer, or by zooming in to 100% on the Design Tool.

Important - If you can see a white line at the repeat in the Design Tool, it will be visible on the final print. 


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