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White Lines at Pattern Repeats.Updated 5 months ago

**Please note - Lines were intentionally added to this pattern to create this article. Purchasing this pattern (My Favorite Shirt), or any other licensed pattern through the Design Tool will result in a print that does not have repeat errors. 

When printing an outside pattern, you must make sure the design does not have repeat errors. Even if a pattern appears to be seamless, or IS seamless in the design stage, these lines can occur when converting file types or when exporting from a Design Program such as Illustrator or Designer. 
When looking at the pattern on your computer, it's sometimes difficult to detect the lines - 

Error Free? One of the best ways to check the file is to use a program like Adobe Photoshop to offset the pattern. This particular tool can be found under Filter - Other - Offset. 

Ensure 'Wrap Around' is enabled

The lines are barely visible

Make sure you zoom into the image to check for lines -
Visible Lines are present. 

If you lack a design program with an offset function, you can use the Design Tool, but you need to zoom in and make sure the zoom is set to 100% to give you the closest view possible. You can then check the length and width measurements (found under 'Manage Your Image Size') to locate where the lines may be located. 


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